Two candidates for Femafoot elections

The Malian Football Federation’s presidential election race is a remake of the previous edition. Mamatou Touré and Salaha Baby meet again as in 2019 to contest the throne at FEMAFOOT. This is the verdict of the Electoral Commission, made public on Tuesday August 1.

However, four candidates had officially submitted their applications to challenge. They are Amadou Mahamane Sangho, Salaha Baby, Mamoutou Touré and Sékou Diogo Keïta. But after the count, the Electoral Commission validated only two lists. They are those of outgoing president Mamoutou Touré and Salaha Baby, president of the Timbuktu League.

The election for the FEMAFOOT presidency is scheduled for August 29, 2023. The president-elect will serve a 4-year term, until 2026.

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